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There are said to be over 400 items that are available to craft through the work stations found on the island.

Here you can find a List of all Items currently available ingame.

Crafting Materials[edit | edit source]

Consumables[edit | edit source]

Tools[edit | edit source]

Stations[edit | edit source]

Pottery[edit | edit source]

  • Air Chamber
  • Clay Plate
  • Clay Plate 20cm
  • Clay Plate 40cm
  • Hand-made Clay Pot
  • Casting Tunnel
  • Smelting Pot
  • Iron Gear Mold
  • Iron Ingot Mold
  • Aluminium Ingot Mold
  • Copper Ingot Mold
  • Sawblade Mold
  • Axe Head Mold
  • Nails x3 Mold